We make security simple to understand

Our team are experts in designing and building practical security solutions which are simple to understand and easy to use. These solutions are like your house – comfortable, welcoming, functional and safe. It should not be built like a prison keeping you behind bars just to keep out the bad guys.

Our journey starts by focusing on your thinking, your policy frameworks, so that we can explain the solutions in your language. We have formulated a methodology, DIPAM, which can be extended across your teams. It helps to develop a comprehensive understanding of your collective thinking within and between your teams, creating a common language to describe your security challenges.

How we can help



Discover the business pain points and priorities through workshops with  teams, review of policies and procedures and targeted audits.

Health Check

Sample system configurations and historical data sets to confirm level of security readiness.


Develop security solutions to address identified gaps while focusing on delivering the target business outcomes and ensuring its impact is  understood and acceptable.