Policy Framework

Policy is a collection of human thoughts. It is a human language and a building block in the decision making process. It is often expressed as high level business statements such as “enable intimate customer engagement” and “improve business agility”. Complex technology decisions are, naturally, made based on our personal policy frameworks as depicted in the diagram below:

People-Policy-Technology methodology

However it can be difficult to explain our “policy frameworks”  to others. Such frustration is often expressed as “IT doesn’t listen” or “users don’t care”. Just think for minute how often couples with different upbringings,  resulting in different “frames of mind”, argue about education for their children while both wanting the very best for them.

Today business teams are often as technology savvy as the IT team with a deep understanding of the power of a data driven business model. As a result, they have high expectations of the benefits delivered from digital transformation and are explicit in their expression of their requirements.

On the other hand IT teams are coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs and satisfy regulatory burdens. Moreover the IT environment is becoming increasing complex with high expectations for speedy delivery. Also infrastructure and application deployment demand intensive capital investment and time to develop and deploy. IT infrastructure policy requires a medium to long term horizon to meet the fluctuating demands of the business.

Our team are expert in facilitating open minded discussion between teams and aligning their “policy frameworks” to develop a consensus on security solution designs and delivery.

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